Winner of the Best Feature Film prize at the LUFF, Playdurizm by Gem Deger, the 23-year old director-actor who has things to show and to tell, is a revelation.

Romain Le Vern,

Playdurizm hits a high mark for originality. […] It’s wholly unique and deserves to be seen by more horror fans.

Joshua Anderson, Rue Morgue

This is the most influential LGBT+ horror film of its time.

Martyn Wakefield, BloodGuts UK Horror

Playdurizm is an erotic journey, which takes us into a damaged psyche in search of a safe space, out of the pain that of the human mind and body. A queer body-horror quite necessary in the horror genre.

Alex Guax, Butaca Ancha

The strength of the film is its determination to exist in its own dystopia and ignore conventional storytelling methods. Just when you feel like you’ve got the film figured out, it throws you a curveball.

Paul Downey,

Playdurizm screams queer. It is strange, different and disturbing. He displays an unrivaled audacity and talent for creating subjective realities that make the inner worlds of the characters visible. And he does it with a style that will blow you up, shake you up and move you. If you want to be able to say that you saw a true raw talent back in the day, don’t miss Playdurizm

Stan Liguzinski, Chilango

Watching Demir’s attempts to reclaim and merge fantasy into reality is stunning. […] Playdurizm sticks the landing.

Eric Langberg, Queerist

Playdurizm unwinds its devasting mystery slowly with gleeful amounts of macabre plot twists and plenty of techno color confidence.

Cass Clarke, CBR

A vibrant and bizarre excavation of trauma.

Dillon Gonzales, Geek Vibes Nation

A truly fascinating trip that ought to be seen to be believed.

Mike Haberfelner, (re)Search my Trash




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